Save energy and improve wake success with Verdiem

Looking for another way to save?


When it comes to your PC fleet, saving energy may be easier than you think. Many organizations are looking to Verdiem Surveyor as a low-impact means of reducing electric bills and improving their overall sustainability. Verdiem also gives IT teams the power to remotely wake computers for critical updates with over 95% success rate.

Whether you want to save energy, improve security, or both, Verdiem has something to offer you. Get in touch and take Verdiem for a test drive to see how much you could save!

See how much you could save

We typically save 30-60% of power consumption with Surveyor. This generally works out to be about 100kWh per computer per year or sometimes more.

Results by region:
Region Cost of Energy
(Average per kWh)
Annual Saving
US $0.10
EMEA $0.35
APAC $0.40

This indicative saving is calculated as follows:
No of computers x 100kWh saving per computer x Average cost of energy per kWh = Annual Saving